• For a beautiful smile, follow these steps

    For a beautiful smile, follow these steps

    Some people damage their teeth and gums by taking matters into their own hands. You have to know what kind of stains you’ve got in your teeth before taking action. Once you’ve had your stains removed at your dentist, follow these home remedies to keep them healthy.

    What damages your teeth?

    The enamel which is the outer coating of your teeth, while aging, wears thin and allows the underlying layer of yellowish dentin to show through. 

    Some stains are intrinsic. They actually occur on the inside of the tooth. For example, children who take the antibiotic tetracycline (or whose mothers took it during pregnancy) often have such stains. Silver-colored fillings can sometimes leach out and stain the surrounding tooth.

    One of the worst offenders to your teeth is tobacco, while the other causes that taint your teeth are coffee, tea and colas. Also, fruits such as blueberries, red wine, fruit juices like grape, curry and soy sauce.

    What to do?

    Brush your teeth daily, whether in an electric toothbrush or a manually. If you think you’re not doing a thorough job manually use the electric one; but take notice that bearing down too hard when you brush or using a hard-bristled brush can create grooves in the teeth at their roots. Thus, brush with a light touch and do a thorough job.

    Plague is a thin, nearly invisible layer of bacteria and food debris that accumulates between teeth and at the gum line and attracts stains like a magnet. So when you notice your teeth stained around the edges it’s because of plague. The way to fight that is by flossing too.

    When you do indulge in staining beverages, do so in one or two sittings rather than throughout the whole day. Brush after drinking them. And it helps if you use a straw, this way it will reduce your teeth’s exposure to these beverages.

    Smoking is as said one of the worst offenders. So, quit smoking to have a beautiful smile!

    Get a “cosmetic cleaning.” If your teeth stain easily, call your dentist for a cosmetic cleaning between checkups. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and costs about half the price of a regular cleaning. Take notice that it is not, however, meant to take the place of regular checkups.



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